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Gin Mill Social Jordan Thomas Sydney Wedding Band


Taking influence from the sights and sounds of the dance halls and juke-joints of another time and place, Jordan Thomas is an original artist influenced by mid century musical styles of

rock and roll, rockabilly and jazz.

Jordan and his band have performed throughout Australia, the United States Europe, Asia, as well as several tours to the Middle East with the support of the Australian government and United Nations. The band has amassed a noteworthy list of performances, playing with artists such as Chris Isaak, The Stray Cats, Imelda May, Royal Crown Revue, Pink Martini, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Robert Gordon, Tex Perkins, Monica Trapaga and Mojo Juju to name a few.

Jordan Thomas and band have their own style, with refreshing authenticity, born from a deep appreciation of the golden age of western popular music. From cocktail lounge cool, to rug cutting chaos, the Jordan Thomas band are at home in any setting that calls for a touch of class with an exciting edge. They are a wedding band, a function band, as well as being a big hit at festivals. Jordan and his top tier professional band tie their talents together to make every performance an unforgettable one.

The Jordan Thomas Six

The Jordan Thomas Six are a swing band that consist of guitar, double bass, drums and a horn section featuring trumpet, tenor sax, baritone sax and clarinet. The band has been a hit at many festivals and special events with their blend of original material, mixed with early rock and roll, jazz and rockabilly. With a big sound and big energy, the Jordan Thomas Six will make you bop till you drop!

The Jordan Thomas Six Sydney Swing and Rockabilly Band

The Jordan Thomas Trio

The Jordan Thomas Trio are the condensed version of the six piece band, with drums, guitar and double bass. They have a similar blend original material mixed with early rock and roll, jazz and rockabilly. The stripped back nature of the trio gives a raw and rockin’ edge to the band.

The Jordan Thomas Trio Sydney Funtion Band

The Rusty Mustangs

The Rusty Mustangs are a pure 1950s rock and roll/rockabilly band. From Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Ricki Nelson and beyond, the Rusty Mustangs are a hit at dances, car shows, weddings, birthdays, or just about any excuse you can think of to put your glad rags on and join the fun.

The Rusty Mustangs 1950s Style Sydney Rockabilly and Rock n Roll band

Jordan Thomas Solo

Right at home with nothing but a guitar and a microphone, Jordan has many arrangements of old jazz, folk, country and rock and roll tunes that contribute a special atmosphere to any setting.

Jordan Thomas solo artist with Gibson ES 150

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